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Vedros helms Spotify Extravaganza

The award winning 33-day shoot for Spotify made Nick a force to be reckoned with in the industry.  The beauty of his work is only surpassed by the contagious joy he brings to the job.  His youth serves him well, unafraid to take chances, he strives to capture honesty in every frame.  He is as […]

StarKist…Charlie’s Only Demand, “I want Spaz”

As it turns out, Charlie DOES have good taste…especially in Directors!!  Steve “Spaz” Williams, former head of ILM Animation, creator of the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park, and an Oscar nominee for Jim Carrey’s The Mask…was tapped to bring Charlie back by ad agency Pavone!  That’s a lot of iconic characters on one set, but it […]

Cuisinart: Food Glorious Food!!

Thankfully we had one of the premiere Food Sylists on the planet prepping for our Griddler job…thank you Marsha!  The top-rated Cuisinart Griddler is put to the test in this all-encompassing spot.  The food needs to look beautiful as it’s cooking, appetite appeal is key, and the Griddler needs to look heroic and easy to […]

Miles Anthony joins the Cornerstone Family!

We are over-the-moon excited to welcome the newest member of our family, Miles Anthony! He arrived on 10/16 happy and healthy.  Laura and Anthony are doing great and just ecstatic about their new baby boy.  Assume Anthony will have him doing camera check-outs by the time he graduates kindergarten.  Welcome to the production world Miles […]

Daniel Does China

Takes a lot to put your kid on a 15hr. flight to Shanghai where he knows no one and hope he finds his way.  While he was participating in a PSU-sponsored internship program for 6 weeks, we worried and stressed, while all the while he’s having the greatest time of his life.  The culture and […]

Josh & Toni’s Denver Wedding

Holy Smokes…my kid got married!  A beautiful mountaintop ceremony at Genesee Park, then back into Denver to party the night away.  While he’s been grown up for a while, adding the moniker GROOM/HUSBAND somehow makes it official.  He found an amazing BRIDE that we are crazy about.  We smiled a lot, weeped through the I […]

Katie Samson Foundation

For 13 years we have helped organize the Katie Samson Lacrosse Fest, the single largest 1-day lacrosse festival in the country.  Proceeds go to spinal cord injury research and patient care.  It is an amazing day, 54 of the top HS teams in the region participate.  Over $1.2 million has been raised to date…making a […]